Crank overhaul T1-0019
price EUR 690.00

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Crank overhaul
We overhaul crankshafts.
Standard procedure:
Replacement of the con rod by a steel one.
Replacement of the taper and ignition stud.
On the ignition side we always make a thread hole M5
After replacing all parts we mount the cranks and true them.

Please bear in mind that a conrod replacement is NOT the same as a crank overhaul.
Just a conrod replacement is a lot cheaper!
We can offer conrod replacements ( steel, not aluminum) for Euro 355.

Sometimes it happens that the two crank "cheeks" are welded or badly damaged.
In that case we must replace these as well, at extra costs. (Euro 200,- each).
So an overhaul without core exchange is Euro 400 more expensive
< A flock of cranks
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