Camber teethed plate 1353
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Camber teethed plate 1353
Teethed plate fitted at the both front rocker arms,
to adjust the camber on the left and right front sides of your Messerschmitt in the correct way

The teethed camber plates are one of the main parts used in adjusting front end alignment.
It's their job to adjust the Rocker arm and hold in place to get optimal placement of the tire on the road surface.
Negative camber will angle the top of the tires in towards the center of your Messerschmitt and positive camber point the top of the tires out. Too much negative or positive camber will cause uneven wear of the front tires and premature wear of other suspension parts and it will negatively affect performance and handling as well.

You use them in combination with the Camber thickness plate 1353 A and there are 2 needed per Messerschmitt

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