Secondary chain X-ring quality 1432
price EUR 49.50

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Secondary chain X-ring quality.
Secondary chain X-ring quality, this chain replaces the old type regular chain in the swing-arm.
The good thing of using this chain is that the swing-arm does not need to be filled with oil any more as the chain keeps its grease inside with the X-rings.
This chain is of a very heavy motorcycle quality.
When you do not have to fill the swing-arm with oil, it does not leak on the rear brake as well!
Finally your rear brake will work like it should!
You will be surprised how the brake action of your car will improve!
At least 25% more braking power guaranteed.
I drive all my Schmitty's with this system, never ever want to go back to the old one.
Furthermore this chain is a lot stronger than the original one!

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