Welcome at Messerschmitt.nl

Who are we?
Hello everybody, welcome to the new site for Messerschmitt micro car enthusiasts.
On this site you will find a wide variety of topics that will be of interest to you if you own a MESSERSCHMITT car.
This site was created by, and designed for, people who drive, restore and maintain these little cars.
Browse around and you will find information on the parts, services and cars we can provide, including complete engine overhauls and machine shop services.
In the service department we have created a special section called "hints" filled with practical tips on how to maintain your car.
Come back on a regular basis, new items will be added regularly.
You can also register to receive email updates when new parts, services, cars, or information is added to this website.

Keep on Schmitting!!

Chris still overhauling and Rinus all the Parts