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All parts, even the new ones, will be billed as "used" to avoid any liability claims.
Our inventory changes constantly. Not all our parts are listed. If you are looking for an item we do not have listed please inquire.
To keep our stock filled we are always looking for parts to buy, if you have any Messerschmitt parts you do not use anymore please contact us.
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The estimated shipping cost listed on this website is based on the approximate weight of each part. Actual shipping costs may vary depending on your total order, your location, the size of the package, and the final packed weight of the items you order.
Some items (domes for example) require special packaging and may require the payment of additional charges because they are considered oversized by the shipping company.
Once your order is placed we will notify you before shipping and tell you the ACTUAL charges. If the actual shipping cost does not meet with your approval you will have the option of canceling your order at that time with no questions asked.
Shipping costs are based on PRIORITY rates. Standard rates are about 35% lower on most items.
We accept payment with cash or bank transfers. We will also accept PayPal, Additional fees will be charged on PayPal transactions.

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